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We provide a range of car salvage and car disposal service anywhere in the UK:

* All late model salvage, scrap cars, derelict vehicles, crashed car, smashed cars, insurance write-off and mot failures bought for cash and collected
* All types of scrap vehicle and MOT failures removed (cars, light commercial vehicles, autos, motorcycles, automobiles, vans, motorbikes, automobiles etc.)
* Cars in any condition collected including classic cars, abandoned cars, repossessed cars, crashed cars.
* We will pay cash for late model vehicles.
* We provide you with all the paperwork you need to deal with the Road tax and SORN (DVLA)
* Also cars supplied for film/TV productions

If you are wondering "how can I scrap my car" the look no further. We provide a 24 Hour service, so feel free to contact us anytime. We pay cash for salvage so call or e-mail us to discuss your requirements now.

We take scrap cars from all manufacturers, car parts also available, contact use for the number one services. You can find out more about scrapping your vehicle here.

We pay between 80 and 5000 for Scrap Vehicles

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    We can collect your scrap cars from anywhere in the UK usually within 24 hours.

  • Scrap My Car

    recycle your car

    Old cars, new cars, abandoned cars, crashed car, motorcycles, MOT failures.... we want your scrap car. We will give you the best prices on the internet!

  • Rover Parts

    rover spares

    Need Rover spares / MG spares ? Visit World Of Rover for 1000's of parts and same day despatchy.

Latest News

Motorists have been recently been warned about the potential dangers of selling their car to unscrupulous dealers who offer cash for vehicles. Rather than being scrapped, the vehicles can then make their way into the hands of criminals, or be made into 'cut and shut' deathtraps, without the knowledge of the original owner.

Beware of this as the liability rests with the original owner if the correct papers do not change hands, a Hartlepool-based scrappage firm is warning.

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